Knowledge is key to improving one’s health.
expert woman having consultation with woman

Knowledge is one of the keys to achieving better health. Without knowledge about physical health, one could go adrift in reaching their health goals. We understand that there are many cases where individuals don’t have access to accurate and understandable health information. Because of this we offer various consultation services that conform to your differing client needs.

Here are Our Consultation Services:

  • Discovery Session: 15 minutes free. This is a session where we will look at your health challenge(s), assess your readiness for change, and begin to discuss your goals.

  • New Client 90-Minute Consultation: This is for any client who has NEVER been treated by this practice before. It includes a full history, medication, labs, and diagnostic testing review. This includes a discussion of goals and a preliminary plan of care.

  • Well Client 60-Minute Consultation: This is for the client who is medically stable but wants to work on staying that way. This is for the client that is looking for support, teaching, and guidance in diet and lifestyle. For the client who also is seeking accountability

    We will do a complete health history, review any recent labs, a lifestyle review and create a wellness plan.

  • Annual Consultation/Complex Follow-Up Consultation 60 Minutes: This is for established clients. This consultation service includes a physical exam, history review, lab tests, review of progress, and new goal setting.

    This is a longer visit (more than 30 minutes) for the complex follow up of an established client.

  • Routine Follow-Up and Acute Care: This is for established clients after the initial consultation who are up for follow-up care. This service caters to patients with an acute problem, cold, flu, sore throat, etc.

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