"Health is a Luxury. You should be Intentional if you plan to have it." ~A. R. Narain

Our Mission Statement

We are on a mission to improve our clients’ overall health by providing effective holistic, simple and comprehensive services. With our expertise, we can successfully educate our clients about their health, including the best way to manage most health conditions. As client-driven health professionals, we value each person health journey. This is why we endeavor to support them to attain their goal to a healthier life.

group of people having stretching exercise

What Makes Us Unique?

We are bound by more than ethics, we believe we have a moral responsibility to uphold the value of respect in the client-business relationship. We also believe that it is the client’s responsibility and right to make their own health decisions. Through this collaboration we hope to build a strong and motivating relationship.

Pledge of Service to Our Clients:

IGH Wellness Spa strives to provide holistic and comprehensive care services. You may not be accustomed to this type of care or methodologies, but we assure you that we will do all that we can help you attain your health related goals.

We are committed to listening to and respecting your needs, discussing your health objective, educating as appropriate, and supporting your journey to wellness. This is why we encourage you to remain self-motivated and avail of our programs and services.

We share the same goal of transforming you into a healthier individual. Through education and support, we can help you reach your goal of becoming more physically found. Moreover, we pledge to serve you with the utmost respect.

How Can We Serve You?

We offer individualized consultations, lifestyle based weight loss programs, holistic comprehensive wellness classes, and herbal therapy to help you reach your health goals. You can start by making your appointment for a FREE 15 minute discovery call set an appointment to discuss your health needs and objectives.